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Deap Vally, Are Right On…

Out Now

By Walter Price

In a day and age when Jack White thinks he invented the two piece rock outfit and when you’d start to think all sounds a group of this size could conjure up have already been done or played-out comes the distorted rock grawlin’, blues bending & soul shakin’ sounds of Deap Vally!

Their recipe of late 60’s and 70’s era Rock N’ Roll blended with some familiar current vibes make for a dynamic rawk concoction to be dealt with brothers & sisters. 

“We are valley girls. We sing the blues. We play rock’n’roll. We sweat. We move. We groove. We are Deap Vally.” – Deap Vally

I’m new to the Deap Vally party but I have been exceptionally pleased with the sonic righteousness Julie Edwards and Lindsey Troy are unleashing on the world via their recent release Sistrionix. Try saying it several times fast…

I will assume that Sistrionix is some form of play on the word ‘histrionics’ (hisΒ·triΒ·onΒ·ics  melodramatic behavior designed to attract attention.) and I’ll stay with this thought until proven otherwise.

I’m only into my third spin of the record and I knew I had to see this Cali-duo live. And like the cosmos working in my favor, they are just about to hit Europe! 

Their European stompin’ tour starts on 29 October in the UK and dates in Netherlands, Germany Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France & Spain follow toot sweet.

Find a full list of cities & dates, here!

We’ll see you at German stop or two for sure, Dig It!

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