21. October 2013 By Walter Price 0

Hey GTC!

We are having a blast sharing and discussing great music covering many genres & styles.

It has always been our intentions to write about things and people we have enjoyed in the past, new artist we’re digging, good causes or projects artists are involved in/with, great events around the globe and just the good-time vibes music brings us and you as well.

We’ve written a few things that didn’t resonate with all of you but that is okay! Different strokes for different folks…Variety is the spice of life! Buckle up for safety and don’t run with scissors…

We thought it would be fun to look at a couple our favorite comments and emails we’ve received or found on the internets.

Here is an email we received from ‘Theo’ in France.

“Your site is okay. Maybe you shouldn’t pander to all the artist you write about. You will have more followers.” – Theo from France

Response: Uh, sure thing. We really only write about artists we enjoy or are doing things we find right-on. I guess if we did start writing about things we don’t enjoy just to have the very popular ‘negative vibe’ thing going we would reach a wider audience..So our decision is to keep on keepin’ on brother!

Here is a Facebook comment from Nomadaccess Accessdenied on the CRB Freaks page.

“What no EDM? oh come on now real artists making real music? surely you jest!” – Nomadaccess Accessdenied USA

Response: Err, sure EDM is fine but we currently do not buy it, listen to it or know much about it. We invite you to educate us further. Send us a write-up about the virtues and wonderment of EDM and we’ll share it with our readers. 

Then we’ll keep on keepin’ on, as we often do…
We invite everyone to write us via web comments, smoke signals, hieroglyphics, emails or Facebook comments…good or bad, we certainly enjoy them all! Much Love!