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WEST MY FRIEND and five albums that helped shape their songwriting, sound…lives

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West My Friend

Introduction by Eden Oliver

Below is a list of the top five records that have made an impact on us: on our songwriting, our sound, and our general enjoyment of life. All of these albums have been listened to over and over again and have influenced us in countless ways. There are many more records that didn’t make it on the list, as well as a host of other musical inspirations like our collective classical training, performing in other projects, etc. But these albums couldn’t be left unmentioned and we hope you’ll give them some of your time.

Joanna Newsom – YS

Feature track Monkey & Bear

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Newsom’s lyric-writing is a marvel and Eden spent hours in her early 20s pouring over them. This song taught her that folk music can be rhapsodic and winding and carry a storyline throughout the song. It directly inspired West My Friend’s Cat Lady Song!

Punch Brothers – Who’s Feeling Young Now

Feature track Movement and Location

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Alex says β€œThere was life before hearing this album and then life after.” It completely redefined our understanding of what an acoustic band can sound like. Their arranging is beyond on-point, and the genre-jumping musicality is inspiring.

Barenaked Ladies – Rock Spectacle

Feature track Break Your Heart


A band-van favourite! Jeff has been listening to this album since he was seven. We appreciate it for its really tight performance and how catchy the songs are. You can hear the energy in the performance and can tell they are having fun on stage.

Fish and Bird – Every Whisper is a Shout Across the Void

Feature track Well Run Dry


Seeing peers creating something as unique as this album is empowering — if they can make weird folk music we can too. The album is endlessly creative and tight, with excellent songwriting.

Owen Pallett – He Poos Clouds 

Feature track Song Song Song


Eden listened to this album constantly in her early university years. Intelligent lyric writing and atypical instrumentation weave throughout the album. The song, Song Song Song is a favourite because of it’s call for women musicians to keep on creating.


Eden Oliver: Vocals, Guitar, Flute
Alex Rempel: Mandolin, Vocals
Jeff Poynter: Accordion, Vocals

Produced by Joby Baker / Co-Produced / Arranged by Adrian Dolan

Band photo provided by Public Display PR / “Salt Water” film by Shiraz of Made You Look Media

West My Friend - In Constellation

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