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Generation X Confessions, Being Over Forty, Drinking Cosmos, Listening to Warhaus

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by Kt Emmerson


I have a GenXer confession to make. I never liked Nick Cave. Leonard Cohen…did not get it. The monotone, singer-songwriter esque, piano pretension. Blah, I needed straight up new wave danceability. No bass? Acoustic? Walk on by, my music brain said. I missed out on a lot of simply the coolest of musical revolutions, what did I know? Maybe there was a little too much Bee Gees playing on the radio while I was in my crib.

But, Hey! I’m still discovering what I like musically, and that is totally exciting. And sexy. Speaking of sexy, there’s something incredible that happens when you reach 40 (or more). It’s like a dopamine injection on your midlife birthday. Now, this comes with all kinds of conflicting side effects for your loved ones. They are suddenly confronting a decidedly more assertive and less tolerant adult being. By tolerant I mean of all that tender giving and selfless sacrificing on behalf of those not so appreciative other beings around you. The “fuck it” attitude returns from your youth and goddamn, I’m not gonna take it anymore! It can translate in more positive ways as well, in the evening hours…if you get my meaning.

But, to the music. The sexy, over 40’s music. We all know Nick Cave killed it beyond measure in scoring the Peaky Blinders series. And Leonard Cohen’s passing had us googling Hallelujah again. But there’s a borrower of those sounds, the man, and his lonely piano, doling out heartbreak arrows while tinkling his whiskey rye kind of music.

I may be a Johnny-come-lately but have you heard Warhaus? “Mad World” is a great intro, emphasizing the Cave vocal focus and the easy but buttery-arrangement. Up the ante with this drummy, slow dancing in your nighty number, “Love’s A Stranger.” This is a listen 3 times kinda song. You are welcome. And this video is gonna take you back to when you were tossing those cosmopolitans back two at a time, smoky lounge haunting, watching the young men pass you by with corner-of-the-eye stares at your young, dancers’ form…Wait, did I say all of that out loud? And “The Good Lie” can’t be outdone even by Depeche Mode’s videographer.



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