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2Fer: Alli Neumann new single “Hohes Fieber” & film ‘WACH’ (directed by Kim Frank)

WACH The Film can be streamed @ YouTube. Alli Neumann – Hohes Fieber EP is available @ iTunes.

WACH The Film

by Walter Price


Multifaceted artist Alli Neumann is staying busy. She just dropped a new single, “Hohes Fieber”, from her EP of the same name (via Jive Records). And she co-stars in the brilliant new Kim Frank film ‘WACH’.

The single is a journey through insatiable memories.  Longing addictive pain. Yearning to move past it, yet unable to forget. The accompanying Kim Frank music video is a dark twist, violent imagery spreading the sentiments in dramatic ‘what would you do to bury the uncomfortable’…we all have secrets.

‘WACH’ is this year’s must-see indie film. Again, directed by the talented Kim Frank, this movie is a throwback of sorts. Shot POV-esque, it follows C. (Jana McKinnon) and Nike (Alli Neumann) as their plan to stay awake for as long as possible and the subsequent nuanced adventures. A coming of age storyline about the paradoxes of youth. love, lust, danger, and, in my opinion, the pros and cons of freedom. The chemistry between the two lead actresses is undeniable and cogent, creating a sense of voyeurism. Their timeline is fraught with all the emotional ebbs and flows that blur the lines between comfort and fear. Carpe diem…

In a thought-provoking subplot, the director has weaved in a good amount of those classic social propaganda films.  Those classroom shorts that explained how you should be doing things so you’ll be accepted into society. Which feels like a poignant commentary of how social media/consumerism is no better than what the generations before our heroines had to endure.

As for the throwback aspect, the film’s end reminds me of the brilliantly twisty conclusion to Alex Cox’s 1986 drama, ‘Syd and Nancy’. This film’s actors and director have delivered what will be considered one of the best cinematic experiences of 2018. And yes, it is a German-language film, but don’t fear, if you don’t understand the words. The atmospheres will captivate you.


Alli Neumann – Hohes Fieber


WACH | Der Film


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