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13. November 2018 By Walter Price 0

NEW SOUNDS: The Y Axes – “Empty Space” from the forthcoming album, ‘No Waves’

Empty Space by The Y Axes is available now @ Bandcamp.

Empty Spaces

by Walter Price


San Francisco-based pop-rock outfit The Y Axes have come a long way in their seven years of music making. Their new single solidifies their growth. A strong power-pop of a jam, “Empty Space” is clearly their tightest single to date. And their fans, and I count myself as one, are eating it up. In a YouTube comment, V. Pate says, “I’ve watched this like 40 times since yesterday lol.” and E M O tional declared, “What a banger!”.  The single comes from the band’s forthcoming album, ‘No Waves’. An album that was funded via IndieGoGo, which the band easily surpassed their fundraising goal. Congrats.

Expect ‘No Waves’ to hit the streets sometime in January 2019 and you can check out the Charged Heart Productions produced video below.



Alexi Belchere – Devin Nelson – Paul Conroy – Jack Sundquist

facebook / youtube / indiegogo

Article cover band photo comes from the band’s Facebook page.


Shot by Charged Heart Productions at 924 Gilman
Music by The Y Axes, Produced by Hellam Sound
Projections by Jack Sundquist


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