2. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Vegas’ MeatLoaf

According to Meat Loaf’s official website the Grammy award winning performer will set up residency in Las Vegas, for 18 dates starting on September 26, 2013, at Planet Hollywood & Casino.

Mr. ‘Meat Loaf’ Aday currently has a few dates left in Europe on The Last At Bat Tour. He says “this is his chance to say one last goodbye to his fans.” Which hits hard, he is an awesome performer, actor and all around nice guy with a flash temper. So try to see him while you can, this may the last year he plays live.            

Did you know Bat Out Of Hell still sells 200,000 copies a year, after 35 years in release!? Take that Humble Pie! 

Nothing to clever to say about a man I have interviewed over the years and have all the respect in the music/acting worlds for. I will say I enjoyed his man-boobs (bitch-tits in the film) in Fight Club. But his all-time two best movie roles have to be Travis in Roadie (’80) and Eddie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (’75).