2. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

The Laundry Shop

I have been a fan of the Irish rock outfit The Laundry Shop for a number of years now. Since the days of the original MySpace, if that says anything. I haven’t really figured out why they haven’t become house-hold names yet. But not to worry, The GTC will be speaking with vocalist and lead songwriter Stephen Robinson sometime next week to catch up on the goings on with the band, his other projects and general shenanigans

Here is a bit from their official website: 

Full credit where and when it’s due to Dublin-based rock band, The Laundry Shop: they get knocked down but they get up again. They get knocked down some more, and they get up again even stronger, even more resilient and committed. We know everyone loves to hear a story such as this – it has the heady tang of a boxing movie, where everyone roots for the downtrodden and misunderstood hero figure – but who’d want to live it except those committed types who make music that moves your heart and head?