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POP FUTURES UMBRA: The Y Axes – “Patch Me Up” (Video / Single)

Umbra from The Y Axes is available on Bandcamp.


by Walter Price


Back in 2016 San Francisco space-pop outfit, The Y Axes. released one of the best albums of that year called ‘Umbra’. A brilliant 11 track album that mostly got overlooked during a year that saw a flood of great Bay Area releases. But I believe the band understands what a stellar work they have in their catalog and have released a new single from the album.

“Patch Me Up”, one of the brightest highlights from Umbra, is a smart pop song featuring complex yet sing-along lyric construction. Which, in a world of throw-away radio-friendly songs is unusual and inviting. Words made tactile by vocalist Alexi Belchere’s airy delivery. A voice I continue to think is the future of what will be the next break-out. Whatever that may mean in the current music atmospheres.

If you haven’t already, you should give Umbra a spin and you can check-out the band’s new Ted Maider shot video for “Patch Me Up” below.



Alexi Belchere – Devin Nelson – Nick Schneider – Jack Sundquist



Shot by Ted Maider
Visuals by Gabriel Roland
Music by The Y Axes
Projections by Jack Sundquist



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