Shel Silverstein
3. January 2018 By Walter Price 1

3 Reasons Why: Shel Silverstein and the songs that he wrote

Shel Silverstein, the music, is available on iTunes.

Shel Silverstein

by Walter Price


Shel Silverstein, what do you associate that name with?  Perhaps the books Now Here’s My Plan, The Lion Book, or Grab Your Socks? Perhaps you know the name of his popular children’s titles Uncle Shelby’s Zoo or Giraffe and a Half. But what about his music? In particular, his songwriting.

Having a career writing hit songs for the likes of  Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, Loretta Lynn, Judy Collins, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash…Silverstein has been a part of some of the most iconic, if not a bit weird songs in recorded history. Did you know that? Maybe, you’re a music geek.

“Boy Named Sue”, “Cover of Rolling Stone”, and “Put Another Log on the Fire” are all Silverstein classics (hear them below). But his songbook is massive. It would worth your time to get yourself acquainted or reintroduced to the words of one of the most brilliant multifaceted characters pop-culture has ever produced.

Let’s celebrate this phenomenal songwriter with three all-time favorites.





Johnny Cash – A Boy Named Sue


Tompall Glaser – Put Another Log On The Fire


Dr.Hook – Cover Of Rolling Stone



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