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…searching until you find it, TRACE MOUNTAINS America video

Trace Mountains – America is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Lame-O Records.

Trace Mountains

by Walter Price

Directed by Trace Mountains’ very own Jim Hill, the music video for the single “America”, is a real trip. A soft rock n roll Scooby-Doo of a journey replete with the wonderment of discovering yourself and the characters you meet along the way. Plus dive-bar karaoke, getting lost, mustaches, a devilish beauty, a foolish substance that flips the script, and a creepy house in the woods. Whew, a ton of symbolism and interband nods that’s a real hoot, if I may.

The film is soundtracked by vocalist Dave Benton’s smooth as a forest breeze vocals and the band’s AM radio-style neu-R&B vibes. “America” is from the forthcoming ‘House of Confusion’ LP, expected to drop on October 22, 2021, via Lame-O Records. And just before you pre-order/save the album, you can stream this calm beauty and see its on-the-road music video, now at the GTC.

To be continued


Article cover photo via Facebook // Quote courtesy of Lame-O Records

House of Confusion
Dave Benton
Jim Hill
Greg Rutkin
Susannah Cutler

w/ Bernard Casserly
J.R. Bohannon
David Grimaldi
Ryan Jewell

Written/Directed by Jim Hill
DOP, Greetika Kumar
Producer, Leah Beck
Colorist, Kevin Ratigan

Trace Mountains

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I was on the road in my mind, thinking back on my life as a musician — my successes, my failures — and I was reflecting on the ever-ongoing process of moving on that my life has been made up of.” – Dave Benton

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