Toria Wooff
16. February 2023 By Walter Price 0

TORIA WOOFF All I Dream About (Is You)

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Toria Wooff

by Walter Price

Buckle up folk-rock fans…County noir as Patsy Cline and as ethereal and mystical as Glass Heart String Choir, Manchester singer-songwriter Toria Wooff’s single “All I Dream About (Is You)” is a hauntingly beautiful journey. The storyteller’s lullaby vocals, the slow burn arrangement with its delicately charming strings, and then the pedal steel and organ transport the entire experience into a realm that’s all Wooff’s. An absolute study in emotion as well-crafted art.

As history has proven, hurt often urges creativity to emerge and whatever it is that caused so much grief in young Wooff’s old soul, we, the listeners, are the beneficiaries. And you can experience the single, here at the GTC.

TORIA WOOFF All I Dream About (Is You)

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Written & Performed by Toria Wooff

Produced & Mixed by James Wyatt
Orchestral Arrangements by Danny Miller
Recorded at Sloe Flower Studio
Additional Engineering by Dave Ormsby & Scott Poley
Mastered by Rogan Kelsey

Dave Ormsby on Drums & Percussion
Danny Miller on Double Bass
Ross Munro on Organ
James Wyatt on Electric Guitar
Joe Coombs on Baritone Guitar
Scott Poley on Pedal Steel Guitar
Polly Virr on Cello
Liz Lister on Violin & Viola

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In an age when punk politics’ grey skies can overwhelm, Toria Wooff’s own darkness offers unexpected solace and leaves an equally poignant mark. Fuelled by the thunder of individual spirit and a beating wild heart, her debut EP Badlands shone a light through sorrow’s cracks whilst extending a withered autumnal branch between stormy skies and solstice aligning her with Mother Nature’s tour de force. “I’m proud to be a young woman who sings and writes songs, and don’t apologise for being drawn to the gloomier things in life,” she says.” – bio

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