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17. February 2023 By Walter Price 0

DOUGIE POOLE The Rainbow Wheel of Death

Dougie Poole The Rainbow Wheel of Death LP is available on Bandcamp, Wharf Cat Records, Tidal, Apple Music

dougie poole

by Walter Price

With its vibes someplace between Flying Burrito Brothers, the Dead, and dipping into more modern-day takin’ it easy songwriters like The Blank Tapes’ Matt Adams, the title track “The Rainbow Wheel of Death” from Brooklyn cosmic cowboy and owl enthusiast Dougie Poole is a tranquil psych-boogie for the ages.

In a perma-complicated world and only becoming weirder to navigate day by day, our psyches seem to be in constant need of a reboot. This is what Poole is singing about here. Ok, some context for us non-computer savvy nerds, provided by the LP’s Bandcamp page: “‘The Rainbow Wheel of Death’s title nods to the colorful pinwheel that appears onscreen whenever a computer’s application stalls. For Poole, who found himself working as a freelance computer programmer once the pandemic brought his touring schedule to a temporary halt in 2020, it’s also a reference to the holding pattern that’s left much of society feeling stuck, unable to move ahead in an uncertain world.”

With a handful of indelible tracks already available, such as the Jerry Reed-style “Beth David Cemetery” and the breezy melody of “Nothing on This Earth Can Make Me Smile”, the forthcoming album, expected on February 24, 2023, is poised to be a post-pandemic classic. As you wait for the full LP to drop, you can stream “The Rainbow Wheel of Death”, here at the GTC.

DOUGIE POOLE The Rainbow Wheel of Death

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With ‘The Rainbow Wheel of Death,’ Dougie Poole breathes new life into country music, retaining the acclaimed elements of his previous work — drum machines, acoustic guitars, synthesizers, and his deep-set voice — while pushing toward something warm, organic, and prismatic.” – bio

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