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..still here, TIM COHEN – Homeless

Tim Cohen – Homeless [You Are Still Here LP] is available at Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

Tim Cohen

by Walter Price

San Francisco native Tim Cohen, a prolific purveyor of psych-pop and rock has dropped one of his career-best with the ‘You Are Still Here’ LP. One could make a good debate that Cohen’s songwriting is at times perfectly off-kilter fitting into melodies and arrangements that can only come from an ever-motivated and proudly unconventional artist. The 10 tracks here are chockfull of nuanced quirkiness, soul-searching realities, love, and enough chill to relax your turbulent mind.

Rage On
Give Me Yours
Somebody Bout
Almost Enemies
Violent Man
Change My Legs
Bottom Feeders
Dadaist Friend

In a song lamenting acceptance, “Homeless”, the burgeoning puppeteer sings, “You might be homeless and you might be feared, but you are beautiful”. And for me, that is the sorta sentiment that needs to be bumper stickered and a mantra to right this topsy-turvy era we’ve been navigating of late. Not to single out any singular fave on this album, but this song is quite the calling card. A lovely message worth hearing and retelling.

You can stream the full ‘You Are Still Here’ LP as well as see its Muppet inspired film, directed by Luke Sweeney and muppetered by Tim Cohen, now at the GTC.

You Are Still Here

+ Homeless, the film

Artist cover photo via YouTube

Songs by Tim Cohen

Video direction & editing by Luke Sweeney
Muppets & muppet performance by Tim Cohen

tim cohen

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