Siena Bjørn indigo
18. June 2021 By Walter Price 0

…I will not be confined, SIENA BJØRN – Indigo

Siena Bjørn – Indigo is available at Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer.


by Walter Price

The list of the lucky few who were gifted with voices well beyond their age is a spectacular one. Erykah Badu, Joss Stone, Duffy, Jill Scott, and Amy Winehouse to name a handful. But it isn’t just the seminal artist’s bluesy-jazz-soaked vocal tones that attract diehard music aficionados. It’s also the performer’s control of her/his instrument. Vocal dexterity is more than a natural-born gift, it is studied, well-honed artistry. And Seattle-born Neu-R&B singer Siena Bjørn is well on her way to joining the elite class of timeless soul-filled pop stars.

And to prove my point, check out her recent single, “Indigo”. Again another showcase for this performer’s range. Her highs and lows, layered harmonies all effortlessly in sync as she sings her tale of, as Bjørn puts it, “…the fear of letting go and giving in, the fear of letting someone in and how shame can be debilitating and as much as you want to hate the other person for what they did to you. You inevitably have a part to play in your own demise.”

Produced by Nick Booth, this indelible track is poised to be a summer playlist staple and you can stream it now as well as see the Siena Bjornerud-directed music video for “Easy Tiger“, now at GTC.


+ Easy Tiger, the video

Artist photo via Twitter // artist quote courtesy of Mora May Agency

Words/vocals, Siena Bjornerud
Produced by, Nick Booth

Easy Tiger, the film
Shot by Bailey Pilbeam
Directed by Siena Bjornerud
Saxophone by Ben Lindenburg
Production by Nick Booth

Siena Bjørn indigo

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“Born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Denver, Colorado, Siena began her artistic career as a tot dancing for the Maine State, Pacific Northwest, and Colorado ballet companies. She is also known for her work as an actress, having trained in theater at New York University, Tisch Drama, and the Atlantic Acting Conservatory. The multi-dimensional artist continues to hone her abilities as an actress in Los Angeles as the protégé of world-renowned actor Dabney Coleman.” – bio

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