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14. June 2021 By Walter Price 0

…chompers and their points of view, THE SARANDONS Stand Down

The Sarandons – Outrunning EP is available at Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam.

by Walter Price

Toronto indie rockers The Sarandons are a helluva example of true to the art song crafters. And their recent EP ‘Outrunning’ is a 6-track masterclass in the no-frills and all thrills rock n roll, with plenty of heart and non-preachy weighty subject matters.

And to get you acclimated, check out the single “Stand Down”. Quite possibly the most clever songwriting to be let loose this year. Produced by Devon Lougheed, this toe-tapper paints a picture of daring yourself to be open-minded, accepting, and as the band says, “Stand Down” is about letting down your guard…maybe doing something crazy like picking up the phone and calling a friend. How punk is that?!” And this indelible song just may cause you to roll the windows down and speed happily down the highway.

And to add more magic to the already positive track, the music video, directed by the Tarantino character sounding Barto Bak, is a collage animation full of whimsical imagery and sneaks in some zeitgeist thoughts as well. Warning, it may take a couple or few viewings to catch it all, but it’s certainly well worth the time.

If you’re a fan of Chuck Prophet, Ben Fold, and/or Kurt Vile, then add the single to your favorite summertime-is-for-the-hopeful playlist. And you can stream the full EP and see the brilliant film, now at the GTC.


Damian Coleman (vocals, bass)
Edmund Cummings (vocals, keys)
Craig Keeney (lead guitar)
Phil Skot (drums)
Dave Suchon (vocals, guitar)

Outrunning EP, produced by Dan Hosh
Stand Down single, produced by Devon Lougheed

Stand Down video, Barto Bak
Script and additional art Direction by Marie Rupolo and Dave Suchon

The Sarandons

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We wanted to explore the highs and lows on a personal level and give ourselves some hope.”

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