don't leave me gravity
15. June 2021 By Walter Price 0

…now he’s queen, SKATING POLLY Don’t Leave Me Gravity

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little girl blue Don't Leave Me Gravity

by Walter Price

It’s not common for a band to make a music video for a song from a 3-year-old album, but then again, not all bands are like Skating Polly and not many songs are as zeitgeist powerful as “Don’t Leave Me Gravity”. The last track on the American purveyors of Ugly Pop’s critically acclaimed ‘The Make It All Show’ LP, is an emotional stunner that leaves tear stains on your soul.

The song starts with a near Irish folk vibe as vocalist Peyton Bighorse, in a hushed voice, builds the story of self-acceptance as Kelli Mayo’s sparse piano notes accentuate the weight of what’s about to unfold. And if you’re expecting a huge crunchy change-up, it never comes. Rather, the slowburn sentiments are maintained at a relatively even keel somber tone throughout.

He used to see craters
In her head
He used to be darling and cheap
But no one believed him
When he said he lost his strength

I am moved by fancies that are curled
Around these images and cling
The notion of some infinitely gentle
Infinitely suffering thing

Zombie eyes are promising
Crooked teeth are sweet
Don’t leave me gravity
Don’t leave me gravity

Of course, like poignant songs by R.E.M., Liz Phair, and Tori Amos before it, Don’t Leave Me Gravity’s lyrics are open to interpretation. But, for me, after the world has been turned upside down the past 18 months, many folks are increasingly having doubts about identity and their place in the cosmos and this track seems to fit that narrative in many ways.

The new video directed by Scott Stuckey on location at Sea Island, GA has a personal home movie feel. Forgoing too much visual clutter which lets the story breathe and proves two things. You don’t need a huge budget to make a film that moves the viewer and that it’s never too late for artists to revisit their back catalog.

You can stream the LP and see the new music video, now at the GTC.

Don’t Leave Me Gravity film

+ The Make It All Show LP

Band photo by Nick Sayers Photography

Kelli Mayo
Peyton Bighorse
Kurtis Mayo

Produced by Brad Wood

Video directed/edited by Scott Stuckey
Stunt driving by Poopsie Stuckey

don't leave me gravity

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I always believed him
When he said he couldn’t find his feet
I always believed him
When he said it didn’t feel complete

I always believed
I always believed
I always believed him
‘Til he made it back to our beat
Now he’s queen
Now he’s queen

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