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16. June 2021 By Walter Price 0

…I had no regrets, GLASS DOVE On My Own

Glass Dove – On My Own is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Tidal.

glass dove

by Walter Price

We all navigate our individual journeys while having to negotiate all the trial and tribulations along the way. But, if one is lucky enough, looking back on it all, it would be a success if we got to say we did it on our own terms. And the recent single “On My Own” from Nashville songwriter/producer Glass Dove [Josh Benus] is about “one man’s voyage through life, heartbreak, misunderstanding, struggles, and ultimately pride in living a full life on “his own.”

While the story being told will be tactile and relatable to most, it’s the retro synth-pop arrangement that’ll have music geeks screaming for more. A funky groove, new wave vibed bounce that reminds me of bits of Tom Tom Club, Alphaville, and Thomas Dolby. Not only in the post-punk era those seminal artists released top tracks, but also in the way that Benus, like those mentioned, likes to tinker and twist instrumentation into whole new worlds of sound. It’s the dividing line between who wants to be a pop star for fame sakes and those who want to create. Every once in a while, you can do both.

“On My Own” is from the forthcoming Owen Biddle produced Album, ‘Half Life Wilderness’. And make sure that you add the single to your favorite life-is-a-highway playlist.


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Artist photo/quote courtesy of Mora May Agency

Songwriter, Josh Benus
Producer, Owen Biddle
Backing vocals, Jillette Johnson / Danica Dora

glass dove

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I want it to be as cathartic and healing for other people as it was for me,” – Glass Dove

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