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3. November 2021 By Walter Price 0

…turn it up all night, THE ROYAL FOUNDRY Listen to the Beat

The Royal Foundry – Listen to the Beat is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer.

The Royal Foundry

by Walter Price

That unspoken primal connectivity music has on a gathering of swaying hypnotized souls is the magic that draws us all to rooms full of the like-minded. With one goal in mind, getting lost in the sounds and the new single, “Listen to the Beat”, from the Canadian duo The Royal Foundry is soaked in this ritualistic practice.

In a quote sent to the GTC, the Alberta alt-pop outfit says of the groove-heavy track, “This euphoric song captures being in a crowded, sweaty room at a live show listening to good music, surrounded by strangers who all share that same love for the experience. The longing for a night to never end, that favourite song to be on repeat, and just vibing because nothing else in the world matters.”

I’ll be a wild one till I die as my world is spinning round.
I live my life up in the sky. It takes a lot to keep me down.
And it looks so easy giving up life, living the dream.
But tell me would you want it any other way?

I need the beat to fill me up
and I need the beat to keep me. Are you ready?

Listen to the beat I found.
Nothing’s gonna turn it down. So we turn it up all night long.
Listen to the beat I found.
Nothing’s gonna turn it down. So we turn it up all night long

Drenched in neo-psychedelia Brit-pop grind, “Listen to the Beat” is a high octane dancefloor and open highway song that’ll cause serious high volume cranking. And you can stream this stick of dynamite as well as see its hallucinatory music video, now at the GTC.

THE ROYAL FOUNDRY Listen to the Beat

Band photo via Facebook

Bethany Salte
Jared Salte

Spencer Cheyne – Mixer
Montano Mastering

the royal foundry

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On a long drive back to Canada from Nashville, we started belting out lyric ideas to help keep us awake. This brought up memories of our past tours and driving late into the night to get to the next city, and how much we missed that as we looked into the unknown of future tour plans.” – TRF, press release

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