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4. November 2021 By Walter Price 0

…swim through the waves, BB SWAY Pearl EP

bb sway – Pearl EP is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal.

bb sway

by Walter Price

When you hear the term ‘bedroom pop’, all sorts of wonderful names come to mind and you can pretty much predict, with a certain amount of certainty, what you’ll get from these innovative DIY artists. But every once and a while someone comes along that will completely change what you thought you already knew was possible. One such name is bb sway (BB sway, BB Sway) and her fabulous 6-track EP, ‘Pearl’.

Each memory sewn-in track goes its own way as they offer up poetic escapism, whimsy, heart, and so many indelible truths, you’ll fall deep into the album’s non-linear depths. On the opener, “Baby Wants Out of the Cty”, Sway surprises with a 1970s-vibed pop playfulness replete with a soul-warming whistle, then there’s the Sade-esque slowburn R&B groove of “10 Feet Tall”, or maybe you’ll dig the subtle post-punk sounds of closer “Under the Sea”… Truth be told, after a full stream or two, it will be near impossible to single out a singular magical moment to grasp on to. As there’s a new revelation around each and every corner. Therein lies this album’s powers.

To add to this the eclectic beauty of ‘Pearl’, the music video for “Under the Sea’, filmed/edited by Do Not Entry, is a brilliant dream come to visual life. No need to wax poetic about its stunning aesthetics, it has to be seen. Wes Anderson, eat your heart out…

All and all, storyteller bb sway and her ‘Pearl’ are indie-pop game changers and you can find out for yourself by streaming the full EP and experiencing the film for “Under the Sea”, her at the GTC.


+ Under the Sea, the film

Artist photo via Facebook

Filmed, Edited, and Grade by Do Not Entry
Written, Produced & Mixed by bb sway
Mastered by Kevin Tuffy

bb sway

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Born and raised in Hong Kong, the 21-year-old producer, and singer-songwriter bb sway creates a warm and inviting musical world that encourages listeners to discover self-love and acceptance. Her music is often inspired by dreamy synth-pop reminiscent of artists such as Clairo, Men I Trust, Crumb, and The MarĂ­as.”, bio, bnadcamp

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