The Mind is Complex Low
20. April 2022 By Walter Price 0

…versteh meinen Kopf nicht, THE MIND IS COMPLEX Low

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The Mind is Complex Low

by Walter Price

According to their Twitter, the self-prescribed experimental hip hop and weirdo pop duo, The Mind is Complex, finds inspiration in a wide swathe, “We like early XXXTentacion, Aphex Twin’s SoundCloud Songs, DJ Screw, Tierra Whack, DAF & Madonna,”. This makes absolute sense after you hear their low-slung groove, Berlin-underground-vibed new single, “Low”.

It’s no new thing but the phenomenon of questioning one’s anxiety has plagued even more humans in the past couple of years, for obvious reasons. And “Low“, with its distorted speaker crackin’ beats, is a highly relatable and personal trip through self-doubt…

(translated from German)

how am I on it
do not understand my head
am anxious again
my jogging outfit
feels tight
and becomes a corset madness

the air is cut off
as if I fall deep
chest obstructed
and heaviness inside me

The lo-fi firecracker “Low” is taken from the forthcoming EP, “I am an Amateur and I Wish to Stay an Amateur” and you can stream it here at the GTC.


Artwork via Bandcamp

Lorina Speder (DEU) – Lyrics / Vocals
Artist, Musician, Author

Jari Haapalainen (SE) – Beats / Production
Producer, Musician, Composer

twitter // SoundCloud

wie bin ich drauf
versteh meinen Kopf nicht
bin wieder mal anxious
mein Jogging Outfit
fΓΌhlt sich eng an
und wird zu nem Korsett Wahn

die Luft abgeschnΓΌrt
als falle ich tief
Brustkorb versperrt
und Schwere in mir

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