Fantastic Negrito Trudoo
21. April 2022 By Walter Price 0

…wandering out in the darkness, FANTASTIC NEGRITO Trudoo

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by Walter Price

Oakland’s multi-Grammy award-winning songcrafter Fantastic Negrito is in a class all his own. Always on the cusp of melding the classic with the new, his latest single “Trudoo” is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. A deep-rooted story told in a blend of bluegrass, gospel blues, funk, and electronica, there’s an undeniable psychedelic groove throughout.

“That song felt like a celebration. We’re going to make it! I wanted it to feel upbeat, fun, unique, different, all while still telling this story of yearning and desire and determination. Right after desire comes the determination, the determination to be free and chart one’s own destiny. One of the most beautiful and sacred parts of being a human being is achieving that freedom that seems so out of reach.”, explains Fantastic Negrito (Xavier Dphrepaulezz).

Freedom is the key takeaway here. The backstory goes way back in the activist and entrepreneur’s family tree. The press materials provide depth to not only this latest chapter but to the forthcoming album as well, “White Jesus Black Problems is based on the true story of Negrito’s seventh-generation white Scottish grandmother (Grandma Gallamore), an indentured servant, living in a common-law marriage with his seventh-generation African American enslaved grandfather (Grandfather Courage); in open defiance of the racist, separatist, laws of 1750s colonial Virginia.”

“Trudoo” is made even more enthralling by its accompanying visuals. Under the direction of Aerick Neal and starring James Small, Sahra Brubeck, and Aaron Cole, the hypnotic imagery is eclectic, to say the least. A body contorting dancer, a chase sequence, near nightmarish imagery, and much more all make the film the utmost surreal.

“White Jesus Black Problems” is expected on June 3rd via Storefront Records. Before then, you can stream “Trudoo” and witness its music video, here at the GTC.


Cover photo via YouTube // Quotes courtesy of Shorefire PR

Directed by: Aerick Neal, Shoot Something
First Assistant Director: Heidi Yee Roodvoets
Producers: Heidi Roodvoets and Adyam Abraham
Starring: James Small, Sahra Brubeck and Aaron Cole

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Someday I hope you’ll find me
I’m out here all alone
Wandering out in the darkness
Sad from a broken heart
The secrets I keep inside me
Could rip this whole world part

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