Carleton Stone Monte Carlo
19. April 2022 By Walter Price 0

…a memory I borrowed, CARLETON STONE Monte Carlo

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Carleton Stone Monte Carlo

by Walter Price

Full of beautiful nostalgia, bittersweet memories, and plenty of picturesque reflection, the recent solo single “Monte Carlo” from Nova Scotia-based singer-songwriter Carleton Stone is not only a trip down Memory Lane for the Port Cities member but, at its core, this is a story song that hits hard at the soul.

In a well-publicized quote provided to the GTC, the “Pick Me Up, Dust Me Off” singer provided a little more backstory depth, (“Monte Carlo” is about)…the things in our past that aren’t around anymore, or the dreams you might have had when you were young that haven’t come to fruition in the way you hoped.”

But it isn’t as melancholy as it may come across. Particularly because the arrangement, production, and the players on this single also transport you back to a time when FM radio was jam-packed with piano and saxophone-filled pop songs that took you on tactile journeys. And there’s something calming and fun about that. Healthy kudos to Mike Evin and Julian Nalli, respectively. The vibes these two brilliant musicians provide add as much sentimentality as the imagery of the mid-70s Monte Carlo does.

No matter which era of story-song you’re into, take “Monte Carlo” for a spin down any winding road you can find.


Artist photo and quotes courtesy of Auteur Research

Written by Carleton Stone, Kayleigh O’Connor, Dylan Guthro, and Breagh MacKinnon
Carleton Stone – vocals, acoustic guitars
Howie Beck – drums, percussion
Liam Jaeger – bass
Neil Quin – electric guitars
Mike Evin – piano, electric piano
Tom Moffett – trumpet
Julian Nalli – saxophone

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“Carleton Stone, an award-winning artist, a songwriter with a growing list of credits, and a founding member of Port Cities, has recently added producer to his list of accomplishments.” – bio

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