DYR FASER Poison Charm Sleep Well
18. April 2022 By Walter Price 0

NEW MONDAY! DYR FASER Poison Charm Sleep Well

DYR FASER Poison Charm Sleep Well is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

DYR FASER Poison Charm Sleep Well

by Walter Price

Noisy, ethereal, experimental, and immersive, the latest album by Boston duo DYR FASER is certified to blow your mind. Birthed from the mindsets of Eric Boomhower and Amelia May, Poison Charm Sleep Well consists of almost no conventional pop production. Reminiscent of The Velvet Underground, Black Bananas, or perhaps some aspects of Television, this 7-track is full of subversive awe.

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In our current TikTok world of rhythmic formula-fueled music, this is something far different and it’s a must-hear. You can stream Poison Charm Sleep Well in full, here at the GTC.

DYR FASER Poison Charm Sleep Well

Band photo // Artwork via Bandcamp

Eric Boomhower – vocals, guitar, synth, Univox
Amelia May – vocals, guitar, EBow, flute

All songs written by Eric Boomhower & Amelia May
Produced By Eric Boomhower
Cover art by Amelia May

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Reminiscent of cohort duos Suicide & Beach House, DYR FASER creates a hypnotic post-doom exotica experience. Not a mainstream effort, DYR FASER conjures dark landscapes with poetic incantation, elevating the psychic ear and reaching across genres and worlds.” – bio

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