Lisa Remar lankersham
11. April 2022 By Walter Price 0


Lisa Remar lankersham… is available on Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify.

by Walter Price

Without any doubt, there’s an undeniable intimate calmness built into Lisa Remar’s stunning EP, “hi…”. Reflective and subtly powerful, Remar’s strength throughout the 4 tracks is her confessional honesty. Delivered in the singer’s pillowy vocal softness, allowing these truths to be eased.

To get you introduced, the album’s calling card, “lankersham…”, is an addictive beauty only made more indelible by its up close and personal music video. Shot at dusk from what appears to be a rooftop, the visuals are a match-perfect accompaniment to this Semisonic vibed song and highlight this songwriter’s gift for telling a no-holds-barred pointed story.

Simply said, Remar understands that the story itself is all the strength. A less is more approach lets her realties breath. And if you close your eyes and let her words waft, all the better. No hyperbole, “hi…” is an absolute early contender for Best of 2022. And you can stream the EP in full, as well as see the music video for “lankersham…”, here at the GTC.

LISA REMAR lankersham…

Artist photo and quote courtesy of Mora May PR

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I am thrilled to send you the four-track EP hi… from Japanese American singer/songwriter Lisa Remar. The collection of lush bittersweet soul songs touches upon themes such as escape, overcoming self-hatred, and letting go of what doesn’t serve you.” – bio

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