The Global Texan Chronicles Top 5 Albums 2020
14. January 2021 By Walter Price 0

The Global Texan Chronicles Top 5 Albums 2020

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At this point of 2020, one of the most turbulent in recent memory, some sweet release in the form of hope that 2021 to be a complete turnaround. Some calm, change, and progress would be pure mental comfort. But it’s not to say this past year didn’t have some pluses. It would be a challenge to think of a year that saw so much music output. So to try and pick just five brilliant albums of the year was a near impossibility. And to not get too deep in the weeds, Here are five amazing albums that stamped indelible marks on the year that was…

Lilly Hiatt – Walking Proof


Lilly Hiatt’s beautiful album ‘Walking Proof’ is as charming and truthful as it is dramatic and spellbinding. A 11-track set that’s pure in its creator’s journeys and paths to change. And, yes, at moments you feel a little uncomfortable with Hiatt’s honesty, but you’ll return time and again as you realize that you’ve probably lived similar experiences.

All songs written by Lilly Hiatt

Produced by Lincoln Parish
Recorded by Lincoln Parish and Ryan Speakman at Talk Box Rodeo in Nashville, TN
Assistant Engineering by Will DuPerier
Mastered by Tommy Wiggins at Tommy’s Tracks in Nashville, TN

Polaroids: Lilly Hiatt
Cover Painting: Kim Radford
Cover Painting Inspired by David McClister photo
Interior Insert Photo: David McClister
Design & Layout: Jeremy Fetzer

And We Should Die Of That Roar – Deathbed Lullabies


Hardy Hum, the mastermind behind AWSDOTR, is an observer of what lays just under the surface of societies. The real matter that’s shaping the world. Plowing through the fake news and exploding the truths straight into our souls. He’s a preacher of sorts, with his guttural howls and complex and deep-rooted lyrics, it’s fair to say that ‘Deathbed Lullabies’ is unlike anything you’ve heard this past year. This 7-track album is powerful and may not be suitable for the weak. Or, maybe, it’s exactly what they need…

Recorded in Old Country Road Studio, Sweden
Recording, mixing, production: Hardy Hum
Lyrics & music. Hardy Hum

All instruments and vocals: Hardy Hum
Master: Kevin McNoldy courtesy of Cphonic Mastering
Artwork: Igor Gruda courtesy of Grafotopia

Oh Harlow – Oh Harlow


Earlier this year, Australian sibling duo Oh Harlow [Tiana / Briannah Dennis] dropped their self-titled EP, one of the sweetest albums of 2020. Six tracks covering all things perseverance, coming-of-age, relationships, kicking back, and exploring all the possibilities of being young and carefree. The addictive ingredient here isn’t just the catchy soundtrack-ready songs themselves but it’s the sisters’ harmonies. Soft and lovely euphony, these two can melt all your troubles away with their blend of folk, pop, and urban country.

With Tiana on guitar and Briannah on bass, the Sunshine Coast girls began writing in their early teens after a long period of chronic illness which prevented them from attending school. This health journey in their youth gave them maturity beyond their years, which is showcased in their songs through their storytelling. From softly sung songs about love and loss to falling for someone for the first time or simply celebrating good times with friends and loved ones.” – bio

Kitty Solaris – Sunglasses


Berlin’s Kitty Solaris delivered one of 2020s most intriguing sets with her ‘Sunglasses’ LP [named after her Corey Hart cover]. The multifaceted Solaris has crafted a late-night album full of haunting electronica, churning chant ready lyrics, and enough shadowy vibes to keep the low-fi party going. And don’t forget the hypnotic hand-in-glove films by Katja Kolesnik. This LP will undoubtedly be considered an underground classic by all Dark-wave aficionados.

I released my new electronic album “Sunglasses” and I’m overwhelmed by the great feedback! Thanks to my photographer Olga Blackbird, Katja Kolesnik for the amazing videos, Damian Press for the great sound and production and all the support from press and Radio!” – K. Solaris

Loud Forest – 17


Synth-pop duo Loud Forest [Rachel / Bernard Chadwick] released a near-perfect album with their ’17’. An LP that has a journey sewn throughout. Titled after the age Rachel was when the pair first met in Costa Rica, these songs feel like a binge-worthy 10-part mini-series. Replete with dancefloor beats, tasty harmonies, and cinematic lyrics. And don’t forget those shredding guitar licks that popup from time to time, solid proof that this album has a little something for everyone. It’s an indie album that sounds as big as any major-label offering released in 2020.

Bernard and Rachel Chadwick are the husband-and-wife duo that create pop/rock music imbued with love and artisanship. Theirs is an enviable creative relationship built around making more of themselves and the world through collaboration.” – bio

The Global Texan Chronicles Top 5 Albums 2020

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