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…queen of love, SINGLE: JANE ALLISON – Magdalene

Jane Allison – Magdalene is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.


by Walter Price

Bristol-based singer-songwriter Jane Allison knows how to paint a picture with her lyrics. And her single “Magdalene” conjures up a slew of imagery, thoughts, and questions. “Home is where the heart rests / as she undressed she said please be my guest / and sit yourself on the broken chair over by the open window / let the breeze soothe and please and I’ll ease the pain of all your sorrow”, the storyteller sings, is enough to craft a million scenarios.

Is she describing a memory of a first? A moment of her personal coming of age, perhaps? A jittery comfort of knowing what’s next? Then she says, “She poured herself a long cool drink / as she watched me sink into her red velvet bed / She said let yourself go donʼt you know you got nothing but your fear to lose in here my love”. These lines conjure up sensuality, a sense of comfort, and maybe healing as well.

However you experience this track, one thing is certain, this song is a beautiful ode to emotional moments and letting the listener make these words find individual meaning is keen. And if you’re a fan of Sheryl Crow and/or Lo Carmen, this track will soothe your soul and you can stream “Magdalene” as well as Allison’s Top Spotify songs, now at the GTC.

JANE ALLISON – Magdalene

Artist photo by Jo Nye

Written by Jane Allison
Produced by Alonza Bevan
Vocals & acoustic guitar – Jane Allison
All other instruments – Alonza Bevan
Cover art – Jo Nye
Original photo – Chris Nicholls


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Iʼm Magdalene, Iʼm the queen of love
CH – Magdalene draped in silk and jeweled jeans
fades away to the poppies on her sleeve
and gently lets the sinners drift away
just for the day just for the day Magdalene
Closing the drapes made of old lace and net she fixed her face and said have no regrets

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