The Funeral
18. December 2019 By Walter Price 0

LINDSAY WHITE pays tribute to songwriter JEFFREY JOE MORIN w/ The Funeral

The Funeral by Lindsay White, is available @ Apple Music.

The Funeral

by Walter Price

Award-winning songwriter Lindsay White returns with a heartfelt tribute to her longtime friend and fellow songwriter, Jeffrey Joe Morin [Jeffrey Joe]. A track inspired, in part, by the book The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom, White reflects, “I had just lost my mom when I read the book, and the idea of survivors sharing stories of the dead as a way to honor and remember them resonated with me. So many people came up to me and would share how my mother’s existence in their life, however small, made an impact. Just a few short months later, I lost one of my best friends, Jeffrey Joe. The guy who taught me to spit gratitude at pain. I was on tour when I got word that he passed, and one of the ways I processed grief in those weary west coast weeks was by starting each show with this song.”

Was there a time or two or three he had you laughing?
Was he with you giving tissues when you cried?
Was he the kind of kind worth photographing in your mind?
Did he give you a good story for the day he died?

The accompanying encouraging and tear-inducing video tells the tale in a series of text messages sent to White from Morin. And its powers are the honest words and pearls of wisdom that, at the time written, probably seemed benign, ultimately cemented a friendship eternally.


Image credit: Dan Chusid

Original Song by Lindsay White
Produced/Mix/Mastered by Alexander Dausch at Studio Studios
Vocals/Guitar: Lindsay White
Additional Instrumentation: Alexander Dausch

Article artist photo by Sydney Prather

Jeffery Joseph Morin 1946 – 2017

The Funeral

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