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20. April 2021 By Walter Price 0

…mystical predictions, THE FOREIGN FILMS – The Fortune Teller

The Foreign Films – The Fortune Teller (Pretty in the City) is available at YouTube, Bandcamp.

The Foreign Films

by Walter Price

Finding some sort of hope in these chaotic times may just mean conjuring past experiences. The ones of your youth that brought a sense of magic into your life. Those not so faded memories that we all hold onto as some sort of postcards of the best moments of our lives. And the new psych-pop single, “The Fortune Teller (Pretty in the City)”, from Ontario songwriter The Foreign Films [Bill Majoros] is an inspired trip, down his own Memory Lane.

In a Bandcamp quote, Majoros gives the listener some insight, “As a kid, I remember going to the Crystal Beach amusement park and hearing a vintage radio show blasting through the old speakers. When recording this track I wanted to conjure up the atmosphere of a carnival by the sea, a sound from a place almost lost in time and memory.”

She’s going to California with the sun in her eyes
and the moon glow in her heart
The Fortune Teller said that “she’s painted from dreams”
And her beauty was a work of art

It’s in the stars my friend, no we can’t pretend
If I could I’d do it all again with you

Far above this desolate city
Oh, my dear, you look so pretty tonight
Tonight, tonight
Pretty in the City tonight

Positive, cinematic lyrics set to a jangly rock arrangement that, as the songwriter intended, travels several eras of rock n roll to come up with its catchy vibes. “…I created a retro yet futuristic sound, combining 60’s inspired drums, 70’s guitars, and 80’s synthesizers.” Inspired by a dream, this track is one you’ll want to start the day with. Escapism in a song, that’ll have you singing along to in no time.

“The Fortune Teller (Pretty in the City)” is from the forthcoming album, ‘Starlight Serenade’, expected August 27th via Sonic Envy Records. But no need to wait for the Summer to roll in, you can stream the single and watch its A-ha style music video, now at the GTC.


Artist photo via YouTube

Bill Majoros – Vocals, Guitars, and Drums
Carl Jennings – Bass and Background Vocals
Rob Preuss – Synthesizer
Jason Frederick – Strings/Orchestration
Written by Bill Majoros
Produced by Carl Jennings & Bill Majoros
Art-Kristie Ryder, Poppermost Prints
Sonic Envy Records

The Foreign Films

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I hope you are able to reflect on the themes of serendipity, fate, and mystical predictions in your own experience as you listen.” – Bill Majoros

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