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Starrgazy – Flying is available at Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Apple Music.


by Walter Price

UK duo Starrgazy have dropped their debut single and it’s a delicate dreamscape of introspective promises. “Flying” has its roots in dream pop nearing shoegaze territories. And while the band’s bio rightly draws comparisons to themselves and Mazzy Starr and Cocteau Twins, but you’ll find that it’s a bit more than that. The way vocalist Lucie Hill tonally delivers certain lyrics may just remind you of Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Rey as well.

I’m not totally sure if urgent patience is a thing, but the poeticism of the verses makes me think that, yeah, just maybe there is.

In my dreams, I have no fear
Landing on the sea
On a bed of concrete
Tearing up the streets

I’m prepared to go the distance
For you and for me
Follow the path of resistance
You need to believe

I’ll die trying
Without an end
In sight, in mind
In my head

Flying, not dying

Lush and ethereal, honest and tactile, “Flying” is an incredible calling card to this duo’s future. If you’re a fan of The Know, Who Can Sleep, and/or Still Corners, make sure to get this one on your favorite dreamy playlist. And you can stream the indelible single and see the film, directed by Jamie Harding, now at the GTC.


Band photos via Facebook

Lucie Hill
Benjamin Wesley Morgan
Mastering: Katie Tavini
Artwork: Claire Chamberlain

Music video by Jamie Harding


website // facebook // instagram

Starrgazy have developed a distinctive sound, taking inspiration from a wide range of sources: the timeless dreampop of Mazzy Star and Cocteau Twins; Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks soundtrack; the brittle tonality of post-punk and new-wave; and the musical haze of shoegaze.” – fb bio

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