The Electric alley
17. September 2015 By Walter Price 1

The Electric Alley Get Electrified

The Electric Alley

foto by Javi de Lara


The Electric alley

artwork by Monovampiro

by Walter Price


Get Electrified is as much as a call to arms or a beacon in the sky for all rockarollers to  gaze upon as it is the name of Cádiz Spain’s The Electric Alley’s new album (out 30 September). Two tracks have been released in advance and there is whole lot of pure rock n roll blood packed into each one it is hard to believe these players aren’t immediate international superheroes of rock.

The first single is the title track “Get Electrified” and it goes pedal to the metal blazing rock. Blasting technical guitar work, killer arrangement that would scare the shit out of any legend who lays ears on it and vocalist Jaime Moreno can’t hold back and is power personified. There is a lot of classic rock, energy, vigor and combustibility within the walls of this track and contemporaries like Blackberry Smoke and Rival Sons may have just found the perfect touring partners.

Second single “Can We Have Some Love Between Us?” is a low slung jam that fills its lingering groove that oozes instant classic. Again Moreno pulls your soul into his lusty vocals and the band thumps and twists in amazing early 70s perfection. Every time I listen I picture countless future movie soundtracks utilizing this track. A near perfect song.

Jaime Moreno told me this about making the album, “The new album is great, man…it’s probably the best we’ve ever done in our short time here, we feel really proud of it because it’s been a year and a half composing,” He also mentioned that a European tour is being worked out, fingers crossed.

Hearing both tracks cause instant eagerness for the full album release, crack some cold ones and hit the high octane open road. Perhaps, according to the first two tracks, this will be the album that brings some well-deserved international fame. This stuff excites the hell out me and with ease I will claim that TEA aren’t just a band but emerging rock n roll royalty.


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Band: Nando Perfumo, Jaime Moreno, Sergio Reyes Gamaza, Rafa G. Benitez