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19. September 2015 By Walter Price 0

Lovers Electric Dangerous Games

Lovers ElectricYou know when the love is gone, the change is here and you feel alone….

by Walter Price


As much as I write about the usually well done music indie pop duo Lovers Electric (Eden Boucher and David Turley) release I find myself wanting to talk about the couple just as much. For good reasons, this is a pair that is at the core of my belief system when it comes to getting things done. Mostly the DIY approach to a career. Do for yourself what someone else is going to take their time and your money doing and probably screw it up or retard the efforts.

Lovers Electric have just released a new track “Dangerous Games” from the forthcoming album Strangers (out October 2 / Noisy Town Records) and it is every bit the open window into to the song crafters’ life or so this fan likes to think. They have a habit of this. As a person who likes reality as much if not more than fantasy I enjoy hearing the story line here. Are the feelings your feeling late at night awake on your side of the bed reality or just life’s doubts creeping in, is your partner who you think they are and are you who they want you to be?

This is life in motion and Lovers Electric know how to convey in tactile pop landscapes that never try to sensationalize but rather move in pictures of truth. I like this way of creating and doing music. Another perfect example, I truly enjoy the homemade music clip for the new track. The self-directed video follows the real life family on the road as the song’s writers contemplate emotions of change or even pulling apart. Love is a mystery after all… It isn’t sparkling, it is real, this is life and the new single and clip reflect every bit so.


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