The Naysayers
16. September 2015 By Walter Price 0

The Naysayers Passing By

The Naysayers

artwork by Rafal Karcz

I need someone to help just to get a reaction, All the while I’m passing by

by Walter Price


I have been an instant fan ever since I heard The Naysayers (Harrie Kingston, Nathaniel Parbery, Gordon Holland, Jakk Burgess) pull a modern Kinks with their catchy titled EP Dee Eye Why a couple years ago. Since that time the band has grown in sonic landscapes. They have mixed and matched and at times twisted genres into undeniable sounds that ignite and reinvigorate my love of the early days of garage rock. Rock N’ Roll that on the surface seems simple, music that players have loved for the easiness of gathering likeminded folk for some late afternoon jamming. The Naysayers are those cats but these Australian dudes have far reaching skills and endless scope when it comes to creating and delivering this form of rock.

Their new single “Passing By” (the third from their Photo Singles project) is a whole lot of The Who tinkers with psych and pinches of 60’s era experimentations, smashing Roger McGuinn-esque guitar riffs, classic rock solos, heavy breakdowns that tease the senses and all are melded into a killer track. These guys are pure in their endeavors and I expect nothing less than greatness from the band this point forward.

The single is impressive on its own but what band (or band member) spends months on end hand crafting animation for a one of a kind music video…Almost no one. The fact that guitarist Harrie Kingston has done so further expresses the band’s diehard commitment and DIY spirit of pure Rock N’ Roll greatness.


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