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17. October 2023 By Walter Price 0


The Dollyrots Alligator is available on Nights Owls, Deezer, Apple Music

by Walter Price

From the outside looking in, seminal rocknroll outfit The Dollyrots are having the best go at it. Family, passing the artistic baton and continuing to release some of the most delicious indie rock known to humankind. And their new one, “Night Owls”, is all the proof you need that this band and family are here to feed their fanbase (old and new) some righteous sounds for the foreseeable future.

An LP one fan on X called, “mmmmmm crunchy bubblegum….”, and another on Facebook said, “As cool as it gets!” and I couldn’t agree more. But speaking of “Crunch” and perhaps a gateway track to the new album, check out the hidden in-plain-site track with a bite, “Alligator”. I’m sure The Dollyrots wouldn’t openly suggest you go skinny-dipping in a toothy beast-filled body of water, but I am certain they’d like you to give this bouncy rocker a go.

And you are in LUCK! You stream this fresh deep cut, here at the GTC!


The Dollyrots photo via Facebook // Artwork via Spotify

Produced by John Fields and The Dollyrots

The Dollyrots
Kelly Ogden (bass and vocals)
Luis Cabeza (guitar and vocals)
and Simon Hancock (drums)

website // facebook // wicked cool records

“The Dollyrots won’t be confused for The Partridge Family anytime soon, but it took the addition of their two youngest traveling cohorts — son River and daughter Daisy — to turn their Punk Rock roadshow into a grownup family affair.” – bio

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