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Diva-folk? SINGLE: TARA VELARDE – “The Mountain” (Rise EP)

Tara Velarde – ‘Rise’ EP is available @ iTunes. by Walter Price   No one ever said there couldn’t be a bit of bluster in folk music. Portland’s Tara Velarde’s new Ep ‘Rise’ certainly has a certain swagger to its substance. A collection of self-betterment undercurrents, like amenability and hope, reign supreme and Velarde’s confident delivery throughout the set holds the power. On the track “The Mountain”, reminiscent of the down-home version of Miley Cyrus, the storyteller embraces that every past word and moment are the building blocks for your future self. When a life glitch seems daunting and insurmountable, move forward, this too will pass.

I keep my feet forward, and my eyes And gaining the summit will be my prize But I can’t forget to look back and recognize That every stone I’ve walked so far Has helped me rise

Every small stone made this mountain Every small stone brought me here Every small stone made this mountain And I find small stones everywhere

Perhaps this song, its poetic devices, is the self-assurance the singer needed to survive, to move forward and create. The soundtrack of a diva? Nah, encouragement, an affirmation. as patience is a virtue.  


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