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A bluesy blast from the past SINGLE: COBRA RAMONE – “No Good”

Cobra Ramone – ‘Cobra Ramone’ is available @ iTunes.

Cobra Ramone

by Walter Price 


Back in the early days of the GTC, there was no better band that exemplified the energy of the time than the powerful Cobra Ramone. Smokey, whiskey-soaked bluesy Rock N’ Roll straight outta Vancouver. Back then, an instantaneous addiction was formed for their powderkeg self-titled album. Sexy and deep barroom rock that can curl your shorthairs.

In an exclusive 2014 Globa Texan interview, the band’s namesake had this to say about the album’s undertones, “I’ve always had a fascination with the apocalypse. It’s a regular theme in my writing whether as a metaphor or literally about the world ending. Trevor and I were both raised Roman Catholic which is something neither of us identifies with anymore, but that idea of a religious armageddon (and resentment of lingering “Catholic Guilt”), has stuck with me. I think there’s a really dangerous sadness and beauty in the idea of our morals and choices being the cause of a global torment.”

And for my nostalgic money, one of the many great moments on ‘Cobra Ramone’ is the seductive “No Good”. A heavy blues-rocker made sinful by Ramone’s vocal depths. A slinky, raw delivery that pulls you in…waiting to destroy. The subsequent video, directed by Alex Paxa, is a twisted Tarintino-esque caper film. The perfect crime? Who can you trust… Watch and see…

Via Facebook, the band has announced a forthcoming untitled release, follow the links below for updates. As you wait, check out their Youtube channel for stripped-down covers of top hits by Black Crowes, Ariana Grande, Stereophonics, and more. So good.

Take Cobra Ramone for a spin and add them to your weekend playlist…we have…GTC WKND SPIN.



Cobra Ramone – Trevor Snakedust – Pat Steward

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Article cover photo by Christopher Edmonstone


Producer/Editor:David Angelski
Director:Alex Paxa
DOP: Jan Klompje
Concept by: Cobra Ramone
Special Thanks:
The Penthouse: Gwyn Roberts
The Moose: Sean Jmaeff
Brightside Cinema: Jan Klomje (Red Epic Donation)
William F White: Corey Lambert (Grip/Lx)
Hair/MU provided by:RCJ Creative Services:Artists: Brieta Zambrano and Katelyn Abbott
Players: Jasmine Tera Mooney (Black Widow), Kylie Vogue (Pole artist), Tara-Lee Cardno (vixen), Christopher Musselle (Bartender), Sean Jmaeff (The Man) and Junior (Bouncer).

Written by Cobra Ramone, Andrew De Groot and Mike Bone
Produced by Jay Sparrow
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Mr. Smith.
Drums & Hammond B3: Fred Brenton


cobra ramone


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