swallow that pill
23. January 2021 By Walter Price 0

…where’d it get you, TARAH WHO? – Swallow That Pill

Tarah Who? – Swallow That Pill is available at Spotify, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

Going your own way is a decision that’s not easily made. And the new churning single from LA’s Tarah Who?, “Swallow That Pill”, is a raucous exploration of such choices. The band’s frontwoman Tarah G. Carpenter explains, “We have all been told at least once in our lives that we have to “face the music” or that we don’t have a choice. However, every decision that we make is a choice. You may not like the outcome but whatever experience you go through in your life, it is your decision to make to keep doing it or to quit.”

“Swallow That Pill” is an anxiety-filled track that’ll find fans of Guano Apes and Hole hark back to the good ole days of female-led powerhouse alt-rock of the 90’s twisting in affirmation. And in this new world of complicated realities, this track will lead the way in new possibilities of strength. And you can stream this juggernaut single and watch its shattering film, directed by the band’s very own Tarah G. Carpenter, now at the GTC.


Band photo by Maria Quintana

Tarah G. Carpenter: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Theremin
Coralie Hervé: Drums

Jason Orme: Guitar, Backing Vocals, Jew’s Harp

Produced and Engineered by Jason Orme
Co-Produced by Tarah G. Carpenter
Mixed by Jason Orme
Mastered by Jesse Cannon

Directed by Tarah G. Carpenter
Director of Photography: Erica Torres
Edited by Erica Torres

swallow that pill

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I’m really sensitive to things that happen around me, and I love studying psychology and human behavior,” – Tarah Carpenter

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