Electric Slave
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SUNDAY CLASSIC GTC: BLACK JOE LEWIS – ‘Electric Slave’ (album review)

Black Joe Lewis – Electric Slave’ is available @ iTunes.

by Alle Royale

Black Joe is Texan, Black Joe is a riot, Black Joe will reduce you all to electric slaves with this new ferocious set of smoking songs, but…the first ones to give Black Joe any credit, publishing his first two albums, were the guys at Italian label “Shake Yo Ass Records”, so let me share with you a little nationalistic pride, just for a moment…alright!

This is a world where, every time someone dares achieving a little success showing nuances of unadulterated spirit, all is reduced to a product to copy and reproduce grand-scale; Black Joe Lewis, fortunately, is still a joyous exception to the rule, still maintaining his own identity and primal rawness.

With also two EPs under his belt, “Electric Slave” is Black Joe’s fourth proper album, and if “Scandalous” had ringed all the right bells a couple of years ago, now the time seems right for putting to shame all the domesticated rock blues infesting the charts, definitively.

Exuberant, that’s the first word coming to mind to describe the electric turmoil agitating the dark waters where Joe, with his crew of soulful mariners, sails the waves of the most exhilarating funk, commanding the sea foams of vicious garage rock with the blues authority of a veteran.

If you will give “Electric Slave” the chance of a spin, you will be rolled up in the barbed wires of Joe Lewis’ guitar, whose sound is the neat definition of “kicking some serious ass”; while the demons by his side will conjure some brass ridden voodoo grove to wake the deaf ones and make them swinging and jumping around, like men possessed.

 (GTC: 21. October 2014)


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