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Suzanne Santo – Yard Sale LP is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer.

by Walter Price

Buckle up, the incompatible Suzanne Santo is about to take you on a rollercoaster of an emotional ride with her brand new masterclass LP, ‘Yard Sale’. It plays out as diary entries that have come to life in the form of 12-tracks that are all things vulnerable, empowering, haunting, and undoubtedly the truth. With its blend of LA and Austin energies and no matter, if you’re feeling footloose and fancy-free or whiskey bent and hell bound, this album will take you there.

The former(?) HoneyHoney vocalist, on her website, looks back at the journey to seeing this album come to life, “I moved so much, both emotionally and physically, while making this record. I dropped my band, joined a world tour, came back home, went through a heartbreak, moved across the country, and fell in love with someone else. I just kept marching forward. Throughout that experience, there was this emotional unpacking of sorts. A shedding of baggage. I’ve gotten good at knowing what I need to keep holding onto and what I don’t.”

From the opening somber march vibe of opener “Over and over Again”, the 90s era alt rock-tinged “Since I’ve Had Your Love”, the vocal showcase that is “Idiot”, and all the indelible stops in-between, there’s good reason that this set is being touted as one of the best releases of the year. It is.

You can stream the full LP as well as check out the lyric video for the song that arguably has the most tongues wagging, the low-slung blues powderkeg, “Fall for That” featuring the soul-twisting guitar work of the living legend that is Gary Clark Jr., now at the GTC.


+ Fall for That feat. Gary Clark Jr.

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Suzanne Santo

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This is like one of those yard sales where there’s something for everybody. You want a crockpot or a racquetball paddle? A duvet cover? I’ve got it. But I’ve also gotten into the emotional concept of what a yard sale really is, too. This record is about the things I’ve left behind and the things I’ve holding onto. I was broken up with while writing the record. I fell in love again while writing the record. And I learned to fearlessly follow my gut, in all places of my life, while making this record.” – S. Santo

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