Madi Diaz
31. August 2021 By Walter Price 0

…it’s worse than that, MADI DIAZ Resentment (single)

Madi Diaz – History Of A Feeling LP is available at Apple Music, Bandcamp, Deezer.

Madi Diaz

by Walter Price

There’s a certain, nearly unattainable, magic when a song can be written in a way that transcends all preconceived boundaries. Eliminating the borders between pop, country, Americana, and beyond. And that not really that long ago track by Kesha that you couldn’t get off of your lips called “Resentment” (feat. Sturgill Simpson, Brian Wilson & Wrabel) is such a song.

I got something I gotta get off of my chest
I’ve been staying up while you’re sleeping in my bed

I don’t hate you babe it’s worse than that
Cause you hurt me and I don’t react
I’ve been building up this thing for months

You say you know me like you know yourself
But there’s a part of you that you can’t help
And you say you can’t do it, just do it
Do it for my sake
It’s a shame knowing we could be good
That you could treat me better if you really wanted to
And if you can’t do it for my sake, than do it for our sake

This is now and one of the principal songwriters, Madi Diaz, has released her vision for the bittersweet song. Diaz uses her voice to deliver this lament in a near lullaby. The pain and experiences being told throughout the track come to tear-inducing life. As you listen you realize that this song is far too relatable and it wants you to feel the realities as much as it wants you to hear the words themselves. Maybe it’s the whispery tone that lets you know that these lyrics are inner thoughts that needed to be set free. We all have those.

The accompanying music video, directed by Seck, is a smashing result, as the singer explains in a Facebook post on July 29th. “It felt completely and strangely cathartic walking around ruin and wreckage in the salvage yard making the “Resentment” video. It was somehow representative of all the feelings I’ve let sit and rot and rust, probably becoming more hazardous with time and neglect. It was almost a kind of joyful act smashing up cars like maybe I was crushing and compounding my own resentments. Basically, it’s cheap therapy and I highly recommend. I loved making this video and I think $eck has such a beautiful eye…somehow he made poetry out of something pretty brutal.”

“Resentment” comes from the phenomenal ‘History Of A Feeling’ LP, available now on Anti- Records. And if you’re a fan of Patty Griffin, Brandy Clark, and/or you’re a fan of songs that make you feel something, then add the single to your favorite not-gonna-take-anymore playlist.

You can stream ‘History Of A Feeling’ and see the junkyard therapy video for “Resentment”, now at the GTC.


Artist photo via YouTube

Written by Madi Diaz, Stephen Wrabel & Jamie Floyd
Produced by Andrew Sarlo & Madi Diaz
Mixed by Andrew Maury
Mastered by Joe LaPorta

Madi Diaz

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I feel loved on and I feel used
Nobody makes me feel the way you do
And sometimes I just can’t stand it
Isn’t that just the thing about us
I’m still thinking you could be the one
But you’re always taking me for granted

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