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Who the f*ck knows on Drums SINGLE: SUICIDE GENERATION – “Prisoner Of Love”

Suicide Generation – Prisoner Of Love is available @ Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

Doesn’t much matter if you’re a fan of the Stooges, Cavemen and/or Amyl and the Sniffers, if you like who gives a fuck old-schooled punk rock, and if you don’t already, you’ll soon be making damage to London’s Suicide Generation and their new single “Prisoner of Love”.

The accompanying video directed the band’s Sebastian Melmoth is no hyperbole needed film that could have been shot at any point btw 1976 – 1984. Its kinda like watching a no-budget punk rock version of Kim Frank’s German film Wach or Larry Clark’s KIDS…Just watch it. “Prisoner of Love” is from the three-track EP that also feat. “Shitty In The City” and “Rotten Mind”.

Oh, if you must know, see below…


Directed by Sebastian Melmoth

Sebastian Melmoth VOX
Vincent Suicide Guitar
Gema Germen Bass
—> Manuel Santos Drums

Band photo by Eleonora Collini Photography

suicide generation

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