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All the things that Bowie did, SINGLE: HUNTING – “Whatever You Need” [Bradley Ferguson, producer]

Hunting – Whatever You Need single/LP are available @ Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

In a pretty deep-rooted lyric Vancouver’s Hunting sing, “Weʼll take the night train out to Berlin, weʼll do all the things that Bowie did,” and there is a lot to unpack but we’ll keep it unmuddled. The band’s recent LP “Whatever You Need” travels a vast array of genres and influences. Like Bowie liked to do. Each track bringing familiar sounds together to create something distinctive and palpable. Shoegaze, post-punk, new wave, goth, and glam all have their moments within the ten tracks.

And the title track is a perfect gateway into this compelling album. Since there is a lot that’s reminiscent of the 80s burgeoning alt movement, music geeks will recognize nods to Echo & the Bunnymen, Peter Wolf and doses of the synthitivities of Spandau Ballet.

As for what the song is about, hard to tell whether it’s an ode to a personal experience or a romanticized thought of the famed Berlin punk/new wave club that, in the 80s, one could run into Iggy Pop, Bowie, and perhaps the Dead Kennedys…Maybe a bit of both.

Whatever it’s about, it’s cool, and it’s the initial memories of the era when Love and Rockets and the like ruled college radio that first grabbed and then held my attention. You can stream the track and watch the Sterling Larose directed film below.


Video directed by Sterling Larose

Produced By Bradley Ferguson
Written BY Bradley Ferguson, Ryan Guldemond

Artwork by Josh Conrad / Band photo by Johann Wall

Bradley Ferguson
Dustin Bentall
Jessica Yliruusi


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Weʼll take the night train out to Berlin,
weʼll do all the things that Bowie did,
Youʼve got to shake it, Youʼve got to shake it
Weʼll get a little place far from the herd,
Iʼve got a little toy Mockingbird, And we can make it, we can make it fly

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