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20. October 2020 By Walter Price 0

…got all your pills, SUGAR WORLD – Time to Kill

Sugar World – Time to Kill is available at Bandcamp, Deezer, SoundCloud +.

Sugar World

by Walter Price

Pick any daunting reality of our current era: Social injustice, the pandemic, or the trampling of our individual rights are just a few that continue to unravel our personal and community well being. And the political landscape is and has been unfolding into a farcical game of “look at me” with no tangible outcome. Yet, the need to get involved in the changing of this bizarre new world has never been more urgent.

And the opening two lines in San Diego-based Sugar World’s recent single, “Time to Kill”, sum up politics aptly, “I’ll be nice to the poor if you are nicer to me / if you promise not to bully the bourgeoisie”. Regardless of what side you put your trust and hope for the future in, it boils down to age-old empty promises and pleas. And it’s up to you, me, and they to use our wandering noggins to do the right thing. It’s not as hopeless as it may seem…

and we’ll allow you to vote but we’ll break all the machines
unless you take back all your jokes about guillotines
you’re allowed to stand and fight
but you’d better be polite
we’ve got all your pills
and it’s time to kill

And this mighty duo is here to motivate with their reverb-heavy, wink-and-a-smile bubblegum infused So-Cal Rock n Roll. And if you’re a fan of Helen Love, The Queers, and/or The Field Mice, then add this one to your favorite make-a-change playlist!

And you can stream this motivator and Sugar World’s debut single, “Sad In Heaven”, now at the GTC.

And Please Vote!

SUGAR WORLD Time to Kill

+ Sad In Heaven

Band photo by Angela Satine

Music/lyrics by Katryn Macko & Ryan Stanley

Recorded by Tommy Garcia at Sunsick Studios
Mixed by Tommy Garcia at Sunsick studios
mastered by Tommy Garcia and Sugar World

sugar world

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Formed by Katryn Macko and Ryan Stanley (both formerly of Tallahassee indie mainstay Naps), Sugar World is creating poignant indie-pop for a sharp generation, overturning the genre’s penchant for simplicity with rich, complex lyricism.” – bio

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