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19. October 2020 By Walter Price 0

…searching every place, JENN GRINELS – Anytime Soon

Jenn Grinels – Anytime Soon is available at Apple Music, Tidal.

Jenn Grinels

by Walter Price

Taking a step back and staring at the reflection of your past can create a feeling of gratitude as well as a longing for the things missed on your journeys. And the recent single from Jenn Grinels, “Anytime Soon”, is a track that lets the songwriter take a look back at her persistent drive to find success as a performer.

With a less is more production as the soft vocals and truthful lyrics tell the traveling indie troubadour’s lived realities, one can find comparisons to Sheryl Crow, Andrew Bird, and perhaps Fiona Apple. And to add more depth to this already remarkable release is the accompanying film.

Directed by Patryk Larney, the video is a brilliantly sewn together collage from the road. Scenes depicting the streets, landscapes, landmarks, and moments of solitude a touring artist will be familiar with. And the bits that will hit home with the been-there-done-that artists the most are the images of the Portland-based performer walking with her guitar on her back in said moments and places. Poignant images that prove that life is a highway, indeed.

And you can view the Patreon funded film and stream the single, now at the GTC.

JENN GRINELS – Anytime Soon

Artist photo courtesy of Public Display PR

Directed by Patryk Larney @
Hope Tree Entertainment

Songwriter, Jenn Grinels

Jenn Grinels

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ā€œIā€™m not coming home anytime soon.ā€

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