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20. October 2019 By Walter Price 0

UPDATE: Tangled and twisted, WKND SPIN: LOVERS & POETS – “Sugar High” [+ VIDEO]

Sugar High, single & EP, are available @ Bandcamp.

Sugar High

by Walter Price

Update: Since we first published our recent review of “Sugar High”, the LA duo has released a retro stiýle video directed by Matt Dinan. In the clip, Shannon Hurley and Ben Eisen are in a swirlwind of psych graffics, mirror ball reflection, a cameo by mysterious keys playing mannequin and something I should have made more of a note of in the first review is that bass…its all about that juicy bass…check out the film below.

[First published 27, September 2019]

LA’s Lovers & Poets’ recent EP, ‘Sugar High’ is a brilliantly produced blend of current and retro electronica/pop sounds. With “Nevergonnastop”, a ’70s disco smash, to “Here And Now”, an ’80s college radio fave, and the title track, “Sugar High”. a song that could be the lead single from any John Hughes coming-of-age soundtracks. And this addictive ode to eager desire is this week’s WKND SPIN.

Tangled and twisted
You know I can’t resist it
When you call my name
Don’t care if I falter
My world has been altered
You’re messing with my fate
I shouldn’t care about you
But I do, I’m such a fool

But don’t stop here, the entire 5-track album is well worth getting into. Its no secret that Lovers & Poets are becoming known for their meticulous production and beautiful and catchy lyrics, and thats all here on this EP. But, for me, it’s Shannon Hurley’s vocal delivery and the effortless feel to the balance of old-school and modern styles that brings it all together. Making me confident that this album will be considered an indie-pop classic, for those who find it. So, tell a friend.

And If you need further proof of the magics that Hurley and Ben Eisen are capable of, check out their cover of Bob Crewe’s 1968 far-out hit “Barbarella“…Now close your eyes and wait as thoughts of Côte d’Azur manifest…

Add “Sugar High” or any one of the great tracks mentioned to your weekend playlist. We have, at the GTC WKND SPIN.


Written by Shannon Hurley & Ben Eisen except “Barbarella” by Bob Crewe & Charles Fox.
Recorded & mixed by Shannon Hurley.
Produced by Shannon Hurley & Ben Eisen.
Mastered by Hans DeKline of Sound Bites Dog Mastering.

Video directed by Matt Dinan at Dillon/Rufus Productions
Camera by Benjamin Versher
Cyclorama furnished by Eddie Barber Studios

sugar high

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