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2. October 2023 By Walter Price 0


Snailmate Cold Turkey is available on Love in the Microwave, Apple Music, Tidal

Snailmate Cold Turkey

by Walter Price

I’ve not hidden my love for the dynamic duo that is Smailmate very well and in this truncated review of one of their might-have-been-missed tracks, the heart bubbles only intensify, if you will.

From their blazing 2017 LP ‘Love in the Microwave’ I offer up a chance for you to (re)connect to the track “Cold Turkey”. Why? Because, over the years it’s offered up not only one of my fave go-to phrases but has soundtracked many road trips— at hefty volume, mind you. The line goes, “relax mother fucker relapse”, and how this isn’t pouring from every MF-ers lips in time of need is a mystery, but alas, it’s only a sliver of wordsmithery this Beck/Bran Van 3000-esque hyper track has to offer.

Look, have a listen for yourself, and (re)discover an almost recent hidden gem, here at the GTC.


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Bentley Monet

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