Hannah Harber
3. October 2023 By Walter Price 0

…ain’t going under, HANNAH HARBER & The Lionhearts Oh Papa

Hannah Harber & The Lionhearts Oh Papa is available on Long Time Coming, Apple, Spotify

Hannah Harber

by Walter Price

It’s never too late to discover an album so brilliantly constructed as Hannah Harber & The Lionhearts’ 2019 aptly titled ‘Long Time Coming’. Only 7 tracks on this set but each and every one is a songwriter’s masterclass of how to.

Some place between Americana and country-peppered rock, each song here is worth a spin, but for your ever-increasing attention span reduction, I’d suggest you begin your journey with “Oh Papa”. When Harber sings lines like “Away with the key to the door of the devil’s den/ One foot in the grave, one foot in the garden/ We’ve been through hell and here comes the high water/ Oh papa, we ain’t going under…”, you get a sense of something personal and experienced. Making the song hit hard.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Missy Higgins, KT Tunstall, or perhaps Van Plating then give ‘Long Time Coming’ a stream. You can get yourself introduced with “Oh Papa”. here at the GTC.

HANNAH HARBER & The Lionhearts Oh Papa

Artist photo by Alexandra Brown // Quote via hannahharber.com

Written by Hannah Harber

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This music may have been born in the rural south, but I hesitate to call what we’re doing “country”.  I’m grateful for the rise of the term “Americana” as far as genre classification goes.  In all transparency,  I see the need for these classifications for marketing purposes, but I don’t feel the need to stay inside of any of them.  Hoping something will be received well isn’t my motivation for creating it. I just want to tell the truth.  The truth of my doubt, of my anger, of my joy, of the deconstruction and reconstruction of my faith, of my experience of motherhood. Sometimes that truth is sonically heavy, and others it’s acoustic and bare. ”  – H. Harber

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