Broken Baby Ugly
4. October 2023 By Walter Price 0


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Broken Baby Ugly

by Walter Price

Turn that frown upside down, Broken Baby is back again with another crunchy rocknroll track steeped in the wordsmithery and weighty subject matter. “Ugly” is a follow-up to “Beautiful Voices” and is an exploration of all evergreen struggles with self-confidence and of the stranger within one’s own skin. Or as vocalist Amber Bollinger puts it, “It’s a song about faking it, I suppose. Can you see my self-loathing or am I masking it just right?”.

“Ugly” has had quite the journey before its ultimate release as the band shared with the GTC. “I think we just always imagined Ugly being part of an album – it needed a home. For the past year, we’ve been writing songs to release as singles to give us more time to ease our heads into a space to write an album, but all we’ve been doing is feeding the algorithm. It’s exhausting. It sucks out that energy you need to write a thoughtful album. And it ends up feeling like a string of one-night stands—I think we’ve almost hit our limit of flings. Holding onto and now finally releasing Ugly made us realize we’re ready to write another album. So we’re gonna go write our album.”

With Alex Dezen’s Noodles-esque riffs and Bollinger’s signature delivery and open-book subject matter, “Ugly” is another Broken Baby smash, and the GTC is honored to premiere the single as well as one of the band’s most outrageous bunny-centric music videos to date.

Buckle Up!


Band photo, quotes, and artwork courtesy of Broken Baby

Written and produced by Broken Baby [Amber Bollinger & Alex Dezen]
Mixed by Alex Dezen
Mastered by Whynot Jansveld

VIDEO: Camera by Candace Whalen

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The newest single from LA’s glam-punk-prog-pop songsmiths BROKEN BABY, “Ugly” finally rips off the Band-Aid of vulnerability and pain and explores what it feels like to be a stranger in your own skin. “Why do I feel so low,” and “can you see it, too?” front-woman AMBER BOLLINGER begs the questions. “Sometimes it’s hard work to feel confident,” says Alex Dezen” – press bio

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