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A GTC Noizy Three-Way: Slade – “Cum On Feel the Noize”

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by Walter Price


My personal chronological memories of the effect of bands of the early 1970’s Glam Rock era seem perfect but likely debatable. But I look at bands like Sweet, T Rex, Thin Lizzy, and Slade to have been highly influential on subsequent music genres. Not just in rock. Glam’s glitzy fashion lending itself to the later 70’s disco and punk scenes, and then the New Romantic and hair metal movement of the 80’s which eventually caused a backlash creating avenues for grunge of the 90’s.

And sure, there were stops in-between and the past is still playing big roles in newer bands like Giuda, Black Veil Brides, and Faz Waltz. Maybe not in the fabled eras exaggeratedly flamboyant and often androgynous fashions, but in the takes on the bubble gum-esque turn punk sensibilities rock n’ roll.

And there are tons of tracks to point loving fingers at that have made huge impacts. But one song, for the sake of this three.way and because it was the song that introduced to the heroes of original Glam movement and rocked my impressionable pre-teen mind when it hit my local radio airwaves. That song is Slade’s “Cum On Feel the Noize”.

And, yes, my introduction to this classic was provided by Quiet Riot. At the time of MTV’s origins, there was really nothing like it. I hadn’t heard “Smokin’ In the Boy’s Room” yet, so I was mesmerized. But I wasn’t the only one. Over the decades many have tried to capture the powers of the original and some have come close. And there are three I think do something special with the Noddy Holder and Jim Lea gem. Can you feel it…




Quiet Riot


Bobby Bare Jr.








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