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18. January 2018 By Walter Price 0

EXCLUSIVE: Nacht Nacht Tales Podcast – SHADOW PEOPLE Pt. 1

Shadow People Pt. 1. Nacht Nacht Tales Podcast will launch February 1, 2018. shadow people by Walter Price   Exciting times as Global Texan Podcasts edges ever closer to the official launch of a new series Nacht Nacht Tales. It is billed as bedtime stories for children, but the response from the grown-ups has been amazing. So, we’re happy to post the third chapter in the series The Shadow People Pt. 1. In this episode, the first of 4, follows Lily and Dugan as they go into the Black Forest for a camping trip and get introduced to the creepy gloomy figures that lurk and thrive in the peripheral. Buckle up, this story does go bump in the night…  


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Story by Walter Price Storyteller Elizabeth Walsh Music by Elizabeth Walsh Additional scary music Mattia Cupelli Produced by Walter Price Photo by Walter Price © Global Texan Podcasts / 2017


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